HAIR BOUTIQUE


Shannon is the daughter of Loretta and she was born and raised in the city of Chicago on the south side on Christmas day. Shannon has always aspired to be a star and at the age of five, she began singing. She sang Whitney Houston’s “Where Do Broken Hearts Go” and she has sung ever since then. Shannon then expanded her talents to television and landed the role of a co-host on an educational show called “Get Real!” This show aired on WPT (Wisconsin Public Television) for many years, and while she was the co-host, her valuable contribution to this show won an Emmy Award from “The Chicago Chapter of The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences”. This Emmy is proudly displayed in her home. Shannon also landed on the cover of Wisconsin’s TV Week magazine and more recently she has appeared on an international television network (BET) where she displayed her singing talents to the world proving that she was well on her way. She then modeled for 2 years for an international modeling agency and decided to land her talents in that industry. Shannon has always been known for her keen eye for fashion and flawless, healthy hair. Having branched into this beauty industry Shannon has always aspired to be her own boss. She obtained her Associates degree in Business Administration and Bachelor's degree from AIU in Criminal Justice, with a concentration in Law Enforcement. She currently holds an MBA with a concentration in Technology Management. Tired of corporate America and the realization of a 9-5 only making your boss rich, Shannon decided to take charge and she is working on obtaining her real estate license, insurance license, and has a real estate brokerage with her mother named "L&I Realty." Shannon the co-owner of Divine & Chic Hair Boutique, as well as the owner of a non-profit agency named "Ladies First" which provides women information about all things concerning women. From finances, health and nutrition, children and SO MUCH MORE! Divine & Chic has SO many different branches and it is JUST the beginning!! 



Loretta is a seasoned professional with a true entrepreneurial spirit. She has always displayed her knowledge in and out of corporate America. Loretta has over 35 years of legal experience proving that she is one very smart cookie. Graduating VALEDICTORIAN in school, Loretta has always displayed the importance of "hard work paying off". Loretta is the mother of Shannon and instilled her hard work within her. Loretta is a very successful Realtor (a few months shy of being a Broker) with Better Homes and Gardens Metro Brokers and the owner of a commercial cleaning franchise,Peak Performance Partners, LLC.Loretta sees Divine and Chic Hair Boutique as more than just a supplier of top quality hair goods.  “Our company’s mission is to service a woman’s total beauty needs inside and out.  From our network of stylists, nutritionists and coaches, to providing info on finances, health and wellness, and other matters of importance to women, it is our goal to help empower women to reach their full potential.  We’re more than just a company.......we’re a movement!"